3 Easy Ways To Identify Your Own Personality

How can I identify my personality? How many personality types are there?


Getting to know the features of your personality is a great learning experience that can guide you in so many areas of your life. It’s really a way of getting to know yourself much better so that you can develop your strengths, as well as work on improving any areas of weakness. If you’re trying to choose an educational path or a career that aligns with who you are and with your skills and strengths, having a strong understanding of your personality is key. It will save you time and prevent the trial-and-error process of trying to figure out where you see yourself as far as your education or career. You can take this knowledge about your personality a step further and use it to set goals and challenge yourself. Identifying your own personality really is an important area of learning and self-development. Knowing yourself empowers and motivates you to work hard, reach for your goals, and aim for success as you pursue your passions in life.


There are three ways you can start the process of getting to know your personality and discovering the many ins and outs of what makes you, you.



The first one involves developing your self-awareness or paying attention to your attitude, behaviors, thoughts, likes, dislikes, communication style, habits, and so on. Self-awareness goes beyond just looking within; it also involves observing yourself and your behaviors during your interactions with other people, at work or school, and in your close relationships. You can get a lot of information about your personality by considering how you come off to others and how other people respond to you. While you can identify your own personality by growing in self-awareness, make sure you avoid jumping to conclusions or making any strict or false assumptions about yourself. This is especially true when you observe how other people perceive you. You can learn a lot about your personality through your interactions with others, but remember that you shouldn’t let yourself be influenced by what other people think about you—or by the way others treat you. Remember that part of learning about your personality involves accepting that you won’t be liked by everyone, and that’s okay. Self-awareness is about being open and observant while also being confident and accepting of who you are.


Expert advice

The next way you can identify your own personality is by going to a career or school counselor or a mental health professional that specializes in assessments and go through an actual personality test. Although you can get accurate results with this option, the downside is that it’s much more time consuming and it can be costly.


Free personality test

If you want a fast, easy, confidential, and effective way to identify your own personality, an excellent option is trying out our Growmon app here or by downloading the app to your smart phone or other device. Growmon is based on the Big Five personality test and Holland’s Test of Interests (learn more about different personality tests in this blog), giving you valuable insights about your personality, strengths, interests, and the career that will fit best with your personality. Growmon allows you to self-test while using reliable, research-based personality assessments that will allow you to know so much more about yourself and your unique traits.