Brainstorming: 3 methods of uncovering your future

We all want to live our lives our way. We want our future to correspond to our visions. This real and ideal vision of our life in the more distant future can be seen as a window through which we can see our true future. 

If you really want to move forward in your personal development, a vision is crucial. And you are the only ones who can create it.

"Now sit down and quickly tell me what your life will look like in 15 years."

Is there anyone who would not be caught unprepared for this question? And when you are not prepared, it is hard to plan. Also, at least a basic version should be thought through in private, without other people's input. Our first advice is therefore: find some peace and quiet for your vision.

What to do if you are lacking inspiration? This article should help you. We have chosen three methods to help you find new ideas and points of view which you might not have considered yet. So let's get ready for the future! 

Author's note: we have devoted the following article to the vision, its creation and general work with it: "What is a personal vision and what 3 steps lead to it?" 

Method No. 1: Waving a magic wand

Something extraordinary happened last night. While you were deep asleep. a fairy visited you and performed a simple spell - she fulfilled all your wishes. You wake up in the morning in a new world without realizing it. What is the first different thing that you notice? Forget about finances, worries, risks or limits, this is a magical world.

What is your lifestyle like? How do you spend your days? And other days? Who with? Are you working on something? What are your hobbies? How do you feel? How do you spend your time when there is no one around? And what are your plans for the future in this world?

Method No. 2: Journey to the future and back

Imagine you have been transported into your future and you are describing your happy life to your grandchildren, to an enthusiastic biographer who wants to map your life, or to anyone else - as long as the person is truly interested and you can speak openly with them.

How would you describe your life? What would you talk about it? What was your personal or work life like during the years? Try following the decades back in time and  stop at times to describe your life in more detail.

Method No. 3: Questions

The third method is not as imaginative, it brings a different approach, and you take advantage of what you have learnt in the Growmon self-knowledge test. Just answer the following questions (the number of answers is not binding).
  • What 7 activities motivate you the most?
  • What 5 values are the most important to you?
  • Is there a work goal you really want to reach so your work makes sense to you?
  • Imagine you do not have to work any longer. How do you spend your day?
  • What things would you regret if you did not have time to do or experience them?
  • What do you consider your life successes?
  • What weaknesses do others point out to you? What weaknesses do you think you have?
  • What strengths do people praise you for? What strengths do you think you have?
  • What would you like to learn? Is there anything in which you want to develop?

That is all. Growmon wishes you a pleasant search for your vision!