Top 10 courses for high salary jobs

Completing a certified course successfully from a university with great reputation is one of the easiest means of obtaining a promotion; get a wage increase or change one’s job. The duration of study ranges from months to years with some classes fixed to match schedules including online lessons. With the need to quickly secure jobs after studying, most people are always searching for which degree is best for the future. Well, here are some of the top courses for high salary jobs.

  1. Health care

Science degrees will always be relevant in especially in the healthcare industry. Usually, the area of specialization determines the salary of medical professionals. Typically doctors, surgeons, dentists, and pharmacists get paid well. Meanwhile new domains like; Healthcare Administrators, Nursing & Medical Assistants, Home Health Aide, and many others have surfaced as promising and high-paying healthcare avenues. 

  1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineers have the duty of designing methods and equipment for the mining of oil and gas located in reservoirs below the Earth’s surface. Petroleum engineers may specialize in different sectors, including; completions, working on building wells; drilling, identifying the safest and most proficient drilling procedures. They have an average annual salary ranging from $102,300 to $176,300.

  1. DevOps

DevOps Engineers have the capacity to use real-time data that showsthe performance of a system at a really fast pace. This aids DevOps to come up with quick solutions because there will be no need for another team to troubleshoot. This has given room for this IT course to be in high demand, with an average annual salary at $135,000.

  1. System security

With IT courses growing fast and also the increase in hacking, certifications in Systems Security are in high demand. People taking this course will be taught how to protect employer’s data and the company from hackers. You can earn up to $130,000 annually studying this course. Find out more high paying IT courses here.

  1. Cyber Security Programs.

This certification offers good job opportunities and annual earnings as well. It has several positions for junior to senior level jobs. Obtaining certifications like; AWS, Azure, GCP (Google) for this IT course, will give you a good chance ofearning a decent salary.

  1. IT Certifications

 IT course certifications like RHEL, MCSE, CCNA VMware, and Java, are always in demand especially with some level of experience. Having a 2 -3 years of experience can enable you earn an annual salary of $100,000 and even more. It is important to obtain advanced certifications even when working in the field to enable you secure higher paying jobs.

  1. Data Science

Data Science is undoubtedly one of the top-ranked IT courses. Not just is it in demand all over the world, but there are some skills lacking to meet up with the demand for the job which makes it a profitable career. Data scientist can earn an annual salary of $123,484.

  1. Actuarial Mathematics

Actuaries utilize a blend of skills in statistics, mathematics, and financial theory to evaluate and appraisefactors of risk and ambiguityfound in hypothetical financial decisions. Actuarial mathematicians can earn annual average salaries from $60,800 to $119,600.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology came to limelight with the advent of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This has made financial institutions to think about incorporating this tech in their businesses since it does not need drastic changes.

  1. Cloud Computing

Not all companies have their own data sources or the resources which has made several companies to start using cloud technology. An annual average salary of $117,455 can be earned in this field. To find out more top paying courses and science degrees, click here.

Although the future salary is one of the key factors you should consider when thinking about what course to study, there are as well other important factors you need to take into the account. First and foremost, you should focus what your passion is and what interests you the most and where you can fully leverage our natural talents and strengths. Once you figure this out, the rest will come easily, because both the success and satisfaction will likely be there.

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